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The EU Empyro project was successfully concluded in 2015. The main result of the project - the Empyro pyrolysis plant - is operational and produces pyrolysis oil on a daily basis. Further information on the implentation of the technology can be found at

May 2015 - Official opening of the EMPYRO plant on 20 May 2015 by Mr Eddy van Hijum, delegate of the province of Overijssel. Read about it in our latest newsletter! .

April 2015 - 2-page article on the Empyro project in Bioenergy International . In the article the status of the Empyro plant as it is build is now shown. Gerhard Muggen, director of BTG-BTG tells about the design filosophy behind the Empyro plant, which makes it especially easy to erect new plants at other locations.

June 2014 - New Empyro Leaflet available

An update of our project leaflet has been drafted. The leaflet is available here (English) or here (Dutch).

8 February 2014 - Construction of the first pyrolysis plant (biomass-to-liquid) has started

Empyro BV announces that the construction of its pyrolysis oil production plant has started at the AkzoNobel site in Hengelo (The Netherlands). By the end of this year construction will have been completed. The production capacity will then be gradually increased to its maximum of over 20 million litres of pyrolysis oil per year. This amount of renewable oil will replace 12 million cubic meters of natural gas, the equivalent annual consumption of 8,000 Dutch households, which saves up to 20,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. Additionally, the project creates approximately 100 person-years of work in Overijssel. The full press release is available here (English) or here (Dutch).

December 2013 - The University of Twente has received 33.5 million Euro subsidy for the production of heat and electricity with pyrolysis oil.

In a press release (in Dutch) the University of Twente announces that this SDE+ subsidy will now allow for the construction of their own power station, which will provide 48% of their own electricity use and more heat than they can consume themselves. The co-firing unit is scheduled to become operational in 2015.

November 2013 - FrieslandCampina announces deal with Empyro to utilise pyrolysis oil in their new plant in Borculo

For the new development at its Borculo production site, FrieslandCampina has opted for biomass-based energy, taking a new step towards climate-neutral growth. FrieslandCampina will purchase pyrolysis oil for a period of 12 years to generate steam for the production of milk powder. In their press release FrieslandCampina mentiones a.o. the following: "This contract is a new step towards increasing the sustainability of our energy procurement portfolio. As such, FrieslandCampina is the first buyer of Empyro to apply this innovative biofuel on a substantial scale. Needless to say, we are proud of this exclusive agreement and the cooperation with our partner, BTG-Empyro", said Tim Schroeder, Category Procurement Manager FrieslandCampina.

March 2013 - Empyro BV has contracted Zeton for next step towards realisation of fast pyrolysis plant Hengelo.

Last week preparations for the start of construction of the Empyro plant entered their final stage with the contracting of Zeton. Within the Empyro project Zeton is responsible for the heart of the pyrolysis plant. They will provide the detailed design, component procurement and manufacturing of the core components of Empyro. The next phase towards pyrolysis oil production has been made possible by joint efforts of the shareholders BTG-BTL and Tree Power, the Province of Overijssel, the European Commission and the Dutch Top Sector Policy Programme.

February 2012

EMPYRO BV – the legal entity behind the EMPYRO plant – organised a signing session and press conference in February 2012. During this event the following permits, loans and letters of intent were handed over or signed:

  • Representative of the province of Overijssel Theo Rietkerk and René Venendaal – legal representative of EMPYRO BV – signed a loan agreement. With this subordinated loan part of the finance of the plant is now covered.
  • Representative of the province of Overijssel Ineke Bakker handed over the environmental permit. This permit is the first permit for a pyrolysis plant in the Netherlands. Both the province of Overijssel and EMPYRO BV had to tackle new challenges to finalize this permit.
  • Alderman Janneke Oude Alink of the municipality of Hengelo handed over the building permit. Also for this permit new challenges had to be tackled making this permit the first for a pyrolysis plant in the Netherlands.
  • Location manager of AkzoNobel in Hengelo Egbert Schasfoort and René Venendaal signed a lease contract for the EMPYRO plant site. The pyrolysis plant will be located on a site next to AkzoNobel in Hengelo. With this lease contract EMPYRO BV is now able to construct the plant on site.
  • Chairman of the executive board of the University of Twente and René Venendaal signed a letter of intent capturing the current activities of both partners. Currently the university is considering the possibility of installing an OPRA turbine using pyrolysis oil to generate heat and electricity for its campus.

July 2011

In presence of the representative of the Provincie of Overijssel mr. Theo Rietkerk and alderman of the municipality of Enschede mr. Hans van Agteren, the petting zoo Enschede North officially started operating their solar panels. The solar panels were part of price EMPYRO won with her project 'oil-from-wood' in November 2010. Click on the pictures to view them in full size.


November 2010

On 11 November, BTG received an award for developing the “most innovative project” in the Province of Overijssel, the Netherlands. The project concerns the Pyrolysis Oil Production Plant to be constructed in Hengelo in the frame of the EMPYRO project. The award was handed by Mr. Theo Rietkerk of the Province of Overijssel. The prize consists of a set of solar panels to be transferred to a civil society organization in the region.

The prize for the project with the highest greenhouse gases reduction was rewarded to the Twence-AkzoNobel steam pipeline between these companies. The project reduces 65.000 ton CO2 annually.

The village of Hoonhorst was awarded the most inspiring project as it aims to become a fully self-sufficient village in the Province of Overijssel.

July 2010

The Pyrolysis Plant 3D layout is now available. Click on the pictures to view them full size.