Empyro BV

Empyro BV logo - EMPYRO project - Pyrolysis oil production - Bio-oil production - Pyrolysis plant in EuropeEmpyro B.V. is a company, founded April 7, 2009 for the development and the exploitation of the pyrolysis plant in Hengelo. The company’s mission is to ensure the efficient development, running and optimisation of the pyrolysis plant during and after the EU-project. Empyro BV will be the owner of the plant.

As it was founded recently, the company itself has not yet established a track record, but it builds on the combined experience and expertise of the partners to contribute to the project’s overall success. BTG BioLiquids B.V. brings a wealth of technical experience to the project while Tree Energy B.V. - the other shareholder of Empyro B.V. - complements this with sound financial and commercial expertise. 

Empyro BV main tasks in the project

Empyro B.V. is involved in three main tasks in the project:

  • Implementation of the pyrolysis plant. During the implementation of the pyrolysis plant, EMPYRO B.V. will oversee, plan and supervise the entire implementation process, which includes the parts which are funded by the EU (and are thus part of the EU project) and the parts which are left out of the EU project, such as civil works, etc.
  • Exploitation of the pyrolysis plant. The exploitation of the pyrolysis plant involves operating the plant, quality control, feedstock supply and sale and delivery of products. 
  • Further optimization of the pyrolysis plant and operation.