BTG Bioliquids

BTG Bioliquids logo - EMPYRO project - Pyrolysis oil production - Bio-oil production - Pyrolysis plant in EuropeBTG Bioliquids BV (in short: BTG-BTL) is a private SME (company established by BTG in 2007. BTG-BTL is dedicated to the worldwide commercial implementation of the flash pyrolysis technology developed by BTG. BTG-BTL will be one of the executing parties of this project under the BTG umbrella. BTG-BTL is the owner of the flash pyrolysis IP’s and patents related to the BTG rotating cone technology.

BTG-BTL main tasks in the project

BTG-BTL is a SME partner in this project, and will act as an affiliate of BTG. More specifically, BTG-BTL will be responsible for the detailed design of the pyrolysis part of the process including oil recovery. Furthermore, BTG-BTL will coordinate the actual implementation of the plant on site.

Previous Experience

BTG-BTL builds on the more than 15 years experience of BTG with pyrolysis. BTG -one of the pioneers in pyrolysis- started their fast pyrolysis developments in the nineties with a new reactor concept: the rotating cone reactor. In this concept no inert gases were required to enable rapid mixing of biomass and hot bed material. This concept was the result of research done at the University of Twente where rapid mixing was achieved by mechanical mixing inside a rotating cone reactor. Over the years, BTG further improved and optimised the concept. A pilot plant was implemented in 1998, and a 2 tonne/hr plant was implemented in 2005.
In the past years tests have been carried out in the BTG plants with over 45 different feedstocks. BTG-BTL is unique in its experience with difficult feedstocks (non-woody materials), and it is one of only a few companies worldwide that offers this technology on a commercial basis.