BTG Fast pyrolysis process

BTG's Fast Pyrolysis Process Diagramm - EMPYRO project - Pyrolysis oil production - Bio-oil production - Pyrolysis plant in EuropeBTG's fast pyrolysis technology is based on intensive mixing of biomass particles and hot sand particles in a modified rotating cone reactor.

A wide variety of different feedstocks can be processed in the pyrolysis process. Before entering the reactor, the particles must be reduced to a size below 6 mm, and its moisture content to below 10 wt.%. Normally, sufficient excess heat is available from the pyrolysis plant to dry the biomass from 40-50 wt% moisture to below 10 wt%.

In the process, up to 75 wt.% pyrolysis oil and only 25 wt.% char and gas are produced as primary products. Since no "inert" carrier gas is used the pyrolysis products are undiluted. This undiluted and hence small vapour flow results in downstream equipment of minimum size. In a condensor, the vapour is rapidly cooled yielding the oil product and some permanent gases. In only a few seconds, the biomass is transformed into pyrolysis oil.

Charcoal and sand are recycled to a combustor, where charcoal is burned to reheat the sand. The permanent gases can be used in a gas engine to generate electricity or simply flared off. Normally, no external utilities are required.