HoSt is specialized in sustainable biomass energy systems, like anaerobic digestion, gasification and wood-fired combustion plants (CHP). In 1991 HoSt was founded by her two mother companies, Holec Projects and Stork, both large industrial companies in the Netherlands. Since 1999, HoSt is an independent private company.

As HoSt operated in the early years HoSt primarily as an engineering agency on energy savings and process optimization, she started in 1999 HoSt with the development of her own technology for the generation of sustainable energy production from biomass, and is currently mostly active as a turnkey supplier of biomass energy installation.

Wood-fired heat and power installations are built by the partnership HoSt Imtech Vonk, a corporation between Imtech and HoSt, in which both parties are 100% responsible for the delivery. They have built several of those wood-fired combined heat and power installations.

HoSt main tasks in the project

HoSt is the partner, responsible for the design and implementation of the steam system, including electricity generation, by a steam turbine. HoSt will also be the leading party in the detailed design of the char combustor.