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Stork Thermeq B.V. Stork logo - EMPYRO project - Pyrolysis oil production - Bio-oil production - Pyrolysis plant in Europeis member of Stork Technical Services, the business unit for integrity management services and products within Stork B.V. , based in the Netherlands. Technical solutions are focused on companies in Oil & Gas, Power Generation and (Petro)Chemical Industry.

Stork - founded in 1868 - started in development and manufacturing of boiler-systems as a major product group. In 1997 Stork Thermeq B.V. was formed out of this. Engineering activities are focused on the more complicated water-steam systems including integration of feed water deaerators and Ultra Low NOx burners. Stork Thermeq assists customers in finding the most economical and technical solutions. The expertise gained through many years of experience in power engineering makes STQ business-partner for customers all over the world. The main segments are power stations, industrial power plants and heat systems, waste-to-energy as well as contractors and consultants in power engineering.

The engineering, manufacturing and service activities are organized in Business-Lines:

Deaerators & Swirlflash
Stork Thermeq is world-wide leading in advanced deaerating technology and licensor of the world-wide known Stork Spraytype-deaerators. The Spraytype-deaerator is used in steam/water cycles with threefold function: deaerating, buffering and preheating of incoming condensate/demi water. The single vessel concept and lowest costs of ownership are key-issues for operators.

Swirlflash is the Stork-solution for gas turbine inlet cooling for power augmentation and NOx-reduction. The core technology consists of a hot water overspray system which can be installed on (existing) gas turbines.

Burners for Direct Firing & Supplementary Firing
Stork Thermeq designs and manufactures burners and burner management systems for use in boilers, process heaters, waste heat recovery boilers and incinerators. Furthermore, Ultra Low NOx burners and NOx reduction systems can be supplied for retrofitting existing burners and burner systems.

Maintenance & Overhauls
Advice and on-site service-activities for the power generating industry. Consultancy activities are covering heat transfer, hydrodynamics, steam/water systems, combustion systems, stress calculations, process control, instrumentation, simulation, process optimization, system design, testing, inspection, boiler calculations, boiler measurements and exhaust gas measurements.
Tailor-made service concepts like shut-down management are focused on safety, reliability and availability of power equipment.

Small Thermal Systems
A specialized competence center focusing on energy efficiency and heat recovery mainly for industrial companies in the oil & gas, process and chemical industries. The business model is based on providing turn-key solutions including project financing in order to make sustainable investments in energy efficiency and heat recovery happen.