Jan Rusaas

R&R consult logo - EMPYRO project - Pyrolysis oil production - Bio-oil production - Pyrolysis plant in Europe Jan Rusaas is a Danish Computational Fluid Mechanics expert, who owns the company R&R Consult (or RRC for short). It is a privately owned company that has as its main activity consultancy within Fluid mechanics covering CFD and EFD, Experimental Fluid Mechanics, through scaled models of applications.

Jan Rusaas' main tasks in the project

RRC will be responsible for the CFD calculations for the project. The activities will be testing and evaluation of existing combustion and turbulence models capability for capturing the combustion process of pyrolysis oil for a scale model. The models will be adjusted if needed. CFD calculations will then be performed on the final plant in order to evaluate the flame, flow distribution and emissions.

Previous Experience

Jan Rusaas has previous experience in testing and optimizing atomizers for oil burners and have experience in adapting CFD calculations to real applications for gas, oil and biomass combustion. RRC has previous experience in cooperation with STQ. In 2007 they executed a project using CFD for predicting the temperature and flow distribution in a HRSG installed (6 oil burners with Y-jet atomizers, total heat input 126MW). RRC also developed and optimised the burners for marine boilers at Aalborg Industries, (2006, heavy fuel oil, capacity 5-40MW). The investigation included detailed CFD of the flow distribution in the burners and also the atomisation of the oil and mixing and burning.