Bruins & Kwast Recycling

Bruins en Kwast logo - EMPYRO project - Pyrolysis oil production - Bio-oil production - Pyrolysis plant in EuropeBruins & Kwast Recycling BV (in short BKR) is a, 30 years old, private company, which has specialised itself during the last 15 years in producing biofuels for common use, derived from trees, green waste and waste wood. BKR has been developed into one of the largest supplier of biofuels in the Netherlands.

Besides production of biofuels, BKR has participated in a bio-energy powerstation, converting waste wood into electricity and heat named BioEnergie Twente BV.

BKR also participates in a small company which produces bioheat named Vuurzaam BV.

BKR main tasks in the project

BKR main task is the delivery of the biomass with the right specifications. The pyrolysis process requires material with the dimensions of 6*6*y mm. In case of woody material this material needs to be sized. Besides the sizing, sieving and metal detection is also needed. BKR will be involved in the decision-making about the right technology used. This technology will be implemented within the current production process of the BKR site. During the whole demonstration project BKR will manage and operate the densification process and will deliver the biomass at the plant in Hengelo.

Previous Experience

BKR does have a considerable experience in the collection and processing of waste wood and green waste in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. Integral waste wood and green waste is processed at several locations into biofuels and material for the chipboard industry. Together with specialised industries BKR has developed various equipment for her production. Already for more than 10 years BKR supplies several biomass power stations from biomass. They are among the largest suppliers of biomass to power stations in the Netherlands.