Amandus Kahl

Amandus Kahl logo - EMPYRO project - Pyrolysis oil production - Bio-oil production - Pyrolysis plant in EuropeAMANDUS KAHL GmbH & Co. KG plan, design, and build machines, plants, and turnkey production plants for conditioning and densification of various materials for a range of industrial processes in the feed, food, chemical and recycling industry.

This private non-SME machine factory has specialised for the past 133 years in design, production, installation and commissioning of turn-key plants for different industries such as mixed feed, chemical and recycling as well as the pet food and fish feed industry. KAHL`s strength comprises engineering, consulting, planning and construction work. KAHL employs over 500 employees, and had a turnover of > 100 million Euro in 2009.

KAHL and its three business units SCHULE MÜHLENBAU, NEUHAUS NEOTEC and AMANDUS KAHL work closely together.

  • AMANDUS KAHL GmbH & Co.KG, which supplies pelleting plants for wood, straw, waste tyres, domestic waste, complete feed mills, plants and machines. 
  • NEUHAUS NEOTEC Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH, which supplies machines, plants, and turnkey factories for the agro-industry, mainly for the treatment and processing of coffee, cocoa, and nuts. 
  • F.H. SCHULE Mühlenbau GmbH, supplying machines, plants and turnkey factories for the rice and cereals milling industry.

Amandus Kahl main tasks in the project

KAHL is a non-SME partner and will play a major role in the development of the whole pre-treatment section. In cooperation with BKR they will decide on the best technology for the sizing, sieving and aftercare (like metal detection) of the biomass. AK will select the best technology and implement this technology within the existing process on the BKR site. On the site of the pyrolysis plant they will take care of the biomass dryer and the storage section.

Previous experience

Over the past decades KAHL has planned and built dozens of plants for milling and drying of renewable primary products. Product ranges for wood sizing and drying are from 300 kg/hr to 10 tonnes/hr and more. Several national research projects have been successfully completed (e.g. financed by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and consumer Protection). KAHL has not participated in EU-financed projects so far.