Objectives and targets

The aim of the project is to build and demonstrate a 25 MWth polygeneration pyrolysis plant to produce electricity, process steam and fuel oil from woody biomass. The produced fuel oil can be used on-site, sold to a local customer or exported to a foreign end-user.

Technical objectives:

  • To construct and operate on a continuous basis a 25 MWth polygeneration pyrolysis unit.
  • To determine the characteristics of the flash pyrolysis process
  • To provide warranty conditions for the process outcomes. 
  • To demonstrate the use of the pyrolysis oil in natural gas fuelled energy systems. 
  • To develop and demonstrate the pyrolysis oil stabilization process including the recovery of acetic acid.

EMPYRO project diagramm - Pyrolysis oil production - Bio-oil production - Pyrolysis plant in Europe


Specific objectives:

  • To demonstrate this European technology on a full scale of 120 t/day 
  • To establish warranty conditions for commercial systems with respect to:
    • Environmental impact and health and safety aspects; 
    • Technical performance specifications; 
    • Accurate manpower requirements and skills for operation and maintenance; 
    • Accurate capital and operating costs; 
    • Plant availability; and 
    • Plant variability in relation to demand (steam, electricity and pyrolysis oil). 
  • To set-up a training and education center around the demonstration plant, and create a European Pyrolysis Platform for further expansion. 
  • To set-up and initiate the business roll out of the pyrolysis technology throughout Europe.